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Black Diamond, Washington

Out of all the abandoned railroads we’ve searched for, I’m pretty sure we know the least about this one near Black Diamond, Washington. This once rural area is now on the fringes of Seattle’s Eastern suburbs and is being heavily developed at this time. Our reason for going there was somewhat random. Already visiting the area, this location was chosen simply by looking at our railroad atlas, finding the nearest dashed line the represents abandoned track, and going out for a look.

So here it is, grading through the woods that looks like it will survive nearby development as a path, and a large concrete abutment for a bridge that was located here long ago. Mt. Rainier looms closely on the horizon, and the lesser-developed countryside is scenic. Not much time to look for any more old track, and time to head home now. Guess I need to do some research and find out about Black Diamond and its railroad, to find out why the train once ran here and who built it. I’m sure there are plenty of interesting stories to be told; hopefully I will find them and they’ve not been lost to history.







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