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Southern Pacific - Spur to Spreckels Sugar Mill - Salinas, California

The Southern Pacific eventually built a spur from its mainline through the Salinas Valley to serve the Spreckels sugar mill. It is unclear whether this was after the abandonment of the Pajaro Valley Consolidated Railroad, or if the two lines existed simultaneously, but the Southern Pacific apparently served Spreckels until after the Union Pacific / Southern Pacific merger in 1996. Further research will need to be done to answer these questions, and with time I will do that. We were able to obtain a number of historic documents and maps related to the Spreckels area and the railroads that served it, but still need to pour through all of this information to find out more about what happened when.

Regardless, the spur is abandoned now, passing cars and the rattle of a “tracks out of service” sign blowing in the wind are the only sounds that break the quiet of this agricultural area West of Salinas.








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