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Remote Control switchers UP 1151 and 1307 at the Albina Yard, Portland Oregon. March 6, 2005
UP 4939, an EMD SD70m, pulls into the Albina Yard. February 27, 2005.
NS 9933 is another new and unpainted GE, and is a part of a colorful lashup at Portland's Lake Yard. February 27, 2005.
Conway 9021 in EMD demonstrator paint. February 27, 2005.
UP 3388 at Champ. February 27, 2005.
POTB 4414, ex SP 4414, and 3 other former BN SD9's parked at Banks, Oregon. February 21, 2005.
NS 9970 is a recently delivered GE Dash 9 40CW delivered in primer (undecorated for the modlers). Seen here at the Ford plant. Atlanta, Georgia - January 2005.
UP 5843 is just one of the locomotives spotted at Arlington, Oregon in October 2004. Also included is an empty garbage train from the branch to Gilliam, Oregon.
NS 6779 is an SD60m, and was formerly a part of the Conrail system. Norfolk Southern acquired part of Conrail and other locomotives pictured here are still painted as such. Stockbridge Gerogia, October 2004.
NS 5238 - A GP38-2 setup to run long end first. Stockbridge, Georgia. October 2004.
FURX 7284 - Got this one twice, over 100 miles and 2 weeks apart! Winlock and near Hood, Washington.
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