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Klickitat Gorge, Washington - S.P.&S.

The Goldendale branch of the S.P.& S extended from Lyle to Goldendale, Washington along the Klickitat River. It is actually older than the main line that ran along the Columbia River. For many years the line served local mills and logging operations, but as the supply of timber in the area diminished, so did freight traffic on the line until it was eventually abandoned. Today the full length of the line is preserved as a rail trail. This bridge is across Klickitat Gorge just a few miles North of Lyle. Here the river is funneled through an extremely narrow canyon on its drop to the Columbia River. There is an automobile bridge as well, which is better suited for pedestrians. As you can see, the railroad bridge is still in place but the tracks are pulled up. It is possible to walk across the bridge but there is no handrail and you can see right through the ties straight down to the water, so is a bit scary. Use extreme caution and proceed at your own risk.








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