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In Atlanta for my niece's wedding and staying at my brother's place near the Norfolk Southern line that runs from Macon to Atlanta through Stockbridge, Georgia. Spare time on my hands so what better to do than go take pictures of some trains. I waited for nearly an hour before I decided to go fill up my rental car with gas, and return to find the train going by. Darn! So Ihead off down the freeway and, beleive it or not, get ahead of it and find it on this siding in Stockbridge. Norfolk Southern locomotives are not seen much in the Pacific Northwest where I'm from. Conrail locomotives, having been partially abosorbed into NS, will all be repainted soon and I've personally never spotted one until here so these were great for me!

NS 6779, a former Conrail unit, is an SD60M that is now wearing Norfolk Southern colors.

More pictures of NS 6779 in Conrail colors



This GP38-2 is setup to run long end first (there is a small "F" on the frame just to the left of the orange hand rail. Black on white background). I've always liked the high hood locomotives especially when they are run long end first like this, so was especially glad to spot and photograph NS 5238.

More pictures of NS 5238 (interestingly enough, NOT running long end first)




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