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BNSF 4998 Northbound near Kaskela on the old Oregon Trunk Line on the Deschutes River, Oregon in June, 2004

BNSF 6976 was an Amtrak locomotive later painted for Maersk Sealand promotional photos. Linnton, February, 2004. I believe that we spotted this locomotive at the Brooklyn yard being worked on in early October, 2004.

Portland & Western 1853 at McMinneville, Oregon.

A Portland & Western from the Stimson Lumber Mill near Hagg Lake heads North on the old Westside line, South of Forest Grove. The Westside line is one of the oldest railroad lines in Oregon, beginning operations in 1871.

Portland & Western Locomotives at St. Mary's, West of Beaverton, Oregon on the old Westside line. The TV Highway overpass seen in the background is a feature of an interesting reallignment that took place in the early 1980's identified by local highway signs as the "railroad rellocation project". Prior to the reallignment, the highway followed the track closely (this photo is actually taken from the old highway bed, which now serves as an access road to the train order office here). Nearby Burlington Northern track cut a diagonal path across downtown Beaverton merging with the Westside line at Beaverton on a shared track. When switching between the two tracks if the Southbound BN train was waiting it effectively created an impassable diagonal barrier acrross Downtown Beaverton until Southern Pacific traffic cleared the junction and the BN train could move South. The extended traffic delays this arrangement caused as Beaverton and other Westside Suburbs increased in poplulation necessitated the need for the reallignment.


At the time of the reallignment, and new junction was created at St. Mary's and a short section of track was created to join the SP Westside Line track to the BN track only a few miles to the North. The highway was rerouted over the new track to avoid a surface level crossing. Now BN trains would share trackage East of St. Mary's and the diagonal section of BN track between the Beaverton junction and the point where the new track rejoined the BN line was abandoned. The right of way can still be seen cutting across downtown Beaverton, and many of the buildings which were built in odd shapes up agaist the line still stand.

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